Saturday, March 20, 2010

We wanna We wanna We wanna hop!

I'm waiting impatiently for the OWH Spring break bloghop to officially begin - it's 7am in Florida and I'm ready to start checking everyone out! But it's still the middle of the night in Washington state... I'll just pace the floor for another few hours and wait for Sandy to wake up. :)

If you're looking for my Spring Break Bloghop post, go down one entry - I posted my tutorial and a challenge last night before I went to bed so they'd be ready for you first thing this morning.

And if you want to start hopping, the first blog hop entry will be here - Stars and Stamps. At least it will once somebody wakes up to post it!

In the meantime I'm going to consider the 365 cards challenge for today - to make a noisy card. Hmmmm... shaker boxes are not really my forte, I might try to go with dangly metal charms instead.
I've been following along with 365 cards since the start of the month and I love getting a new challenge every day! It's stretching my imagination and helping to enhance my card supply so I'll have more cards to send in to OWH.

EDIT - the bloghop has been officially opened! Let's have some fun! 

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