Friday, March 5, 2010

Playing with Petal Cards

Today's challenge on 365 Cards was to make a petal card... that's a card that folds in on itself like a flower, but it can be any shape. It's easy enough to do - print out a template on a sheet of paper and then cut around it and fold it up. But when have I ever done things the easy way? I got out my colluzzle templates to see what I could come up with for myself. They actually sell a colluzzle petal card template but I don't have it - I have a selection of basic shapes and a few extras that a friend gave me.

First I tried my Flower template. The smallest continuous flower on the template made a beautiful petal shape, but it's much too small to be a free-standing card (for scale, the cards are sitting on a sheet of regular printer paper...) So I tried a larger flower, but it didn't fold all the way closed.

Okay, that didn't work... how about using a circle? The simplest circle card is to cut a circle and fold it in thirds to make a triangle-shape. It works just fine... but my circle template is way too small so again the card is miniature.

To be continued! I've got to dash... but I've got lots more cards to upload when I come home.


Anonymous said...

Gruss von deinem D. :)

Judy said...

Wow! I love this design of cards!