Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More One-sheet cards

I had another go at doing some one-sheet cards... and this time I took my time about it and ruled up a guide sheet on a piece of blank cardstock so that it can be reproduced at leisure! Last time I got ten cards from my one sheet - this time I managed fourteen, and there are two tiny strips of paper left over that I didn't find a use for.

Here is my template, hopefully large enough for you to read the measurements. (Click on the image to see a full-sized version.)

And here are my fourteen cards. I kept them very simple and let the paper be the star... they're just embellished enough to finish them off neatly. It was a sheet of 'back to school' paper so I made it into general 'hello' and 'just a note' cards that the Heroes can hopefully use any time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fall challenge - one sheet, ten cards

I tend to be a patterned-paper hoarder... I get something pretty and I think to myself 'I'll save that for something special' and I never actually cut into it because I don't want to 'waste' it, especially for something small like a greeting card that I could make out of scraps. I don't toss out any patterned paper or cardstock that's more than about an inch square unless it's hopelessly mangled. I put it into a set of iris drawers sorted by colour, and I can pull out whichever colour I feel like using that day and rifle through the scraps at my leisure. But that doesn't deal with the paper stacks that are sitting on my shelf almost unused, or the beautiful Debbi Mumm holidays stack that I just bought! So today I set myself a mini-challenge. I took one sheet of paper from last year's Fall stack and started cutting, and when I was done I had ten cards to start my Fall collection for Cards for Heroes.

From this -
Patterned Paper for fall cards

To this in an afternoon -
One-sheet Fall cards

The cards were embellished with various stamps, stickers and other bits and pieces from my collection of 'stuff'... The three dark brown cards were very lightly dry-brushed with gold and copper paint because they needed a little brightening up.

And now I give you a challenge - how many cards can YOU make from one sheet of patterned paper? You can use as much cardstock as you like and any other embellishments or decorations you want, but only ONE sheet of patterned paper. Cards for Heroes can use any kind of greeting card you care to make, but especially Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving and holiday cards. Start creating! Then link back here and show us what you've made... if I get enough responses somebody will get a prize!

Monday, August 17, 2009

About Me

Okay, I don't expect this particular entry to be of much interest to anyone else besides me... I've been trying to get my new blog set up, and the important stuff (like links) transferred over from my other one. It's a lot of fiddling around but I THINK I've got it now. I also made myself a banner for my heading... doesn't that just scream 'Kajikit' to you? I'm a very girly girl and I always have been - if I ever get too old for heart and flowers and butterflies, it'll be time to bury me! That doesn't mean I'm one of those people running around trying to be 15 forever - I'm well aware that I'm almost 40... lol! But you're only as old as you feel on the inside, which I think leaves me at about 25 forever. I hope I never lose my love of innocent things...

Here's a photo of me and my husband. It's a little old, but it's the most recent one I have of us together - this was taken at Thanksgiving last year.

And here are our three furfaces... Scouty and Silver are sisters and we adopted them from the animal shelter when they were six months old (and much MUCH smaller than they are now!) and Tessie adopted us a year later. I went outside one day and found her wandering around the building mewing pitifully and running up to everyone she saw to try to get SOMEONE to rescue her! I couldn't possibly leave her out there when she was only a kitten, and I couldn't find anyone looking for her, so I picked her up and brought her upstairs, and a week later she was officially ours... Tessie and Scout hate each other so there are very few photos of the three of them in the same place at one time. Most of the time Scouty sees Tessica coming and runs, which is Tessie's cue to chase her around the apartment until Scouty finds someplace to hide. They never actually HURT each other, they just make a lot of noise, but I don't blame Scouty at all for disliking the sister who does that to her several times a week!