Sunday, March 28, 2010

Catching up on 365 Cards

I went back and did the two days I missed out on...

Day 24 - 'Terrific Ten'. Use at least ten different patterned papers on your card. I used a large heart cut out of a catalog, inked a small border, and used ten different scraps of red paper to punch out hearts for a border. I decided it needed a little more, so I went back and glued a tiny pearl bead in between each heart.

Day 25 - Do It Yourself - make your own glittered brad or pearl. Okay, I cheated and used my failed card from yesterday's challenge for this. I'd made a fake bow with a brad in the center and I added glitter embossing powder to it (some got onto the bow too...)

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Melanie said...

Way to catch up with two great cards!