Monday, March 1, 2010

So how did I go? And a new personal challenge

My personal challenge for February was to try to make a card (and a blog entry) every day. When I challenged myself I didn't count on having my hand in a brace for two weeks and not being able to use my thumb. That certainly made it challenging to craft! But I did my best... I don't know how many cards I made this month, but I mailed my Easter package off to OWH last week, and it had 120 cards in it, almost all created during February. You can jam a LOT of cards into a flat-rate envelope if you stack them and wrap them tightly in paper so they don't slide around.
So I succeeded on the card-making/productivity front... now how about the blog? I did not make a blog entry every day. Sometimes I was too busy doing other things, and a couple of days I plain forgot! But I added 25 entries to the blog in the month. That's not too shabby so I think I'll call it a success! I'm in the blogging habit now for sure.

Now for my next personal Challenge... the 365 Cards blog has just ticked over and started a new calender year today - and I'm going to see how long I can manage to keep up with them! Can I do it? We'll see... I love Challenges.

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