Tuesday, March 2, 2010

365 Cards Day 1 - Color Scheme

The first challenge for the year on 365 Cards is to use the following colour combination to make a card: red, white, chocolate, teal, and natural brown (the name of it has momentarily slipped my mind!)
I started digging in my scrap bins for pieces the right shades, and when I saw them together the first thing that came into my mind was 4th July... so that's what I went with! Besides, I had a brand new flag stamp to play with - I found a 4th July pack of Studio G stamps at the back of the stamp bin in Joanns, and it was so old that it wouldn't ring up! They had to ring up another stamp pack the same price to sell it to me (at least they DID sell it to me - Office Depot were real meanies about that - one time I had a whole stack of crafting supplies in my basket and they rang up as 'return to factory to destroy' and they wouldn't let me have them for any price!)

I used a large scrap triangle of deep red and another of deep blue for the base. I was going to use just ONE flag stamp in the bottom right-hand corner but it looked a bit silly, so I stamped some more and put a whole row of them down the middle of the card. I tried adding some punched chocolate stars in the right-hand corner but as soon as they were glued down I knew I hated the way they looked! It was too late to peel them off, so I covered that corner up with another triangle of chocolate brown cardstock, and I made that my sentiment block. The little stars are hand-drawn. Add a USA sticker in the top corner and voila... one patriotic card to stash away for my Summer shipment to Operation Write Home.

Want to give this challenge a go or see what everyone else has made? Follow this link to the 365 Cards blog to join in.


Gloria Stengel said...

I love how you were able to keep working on your card to get it the way you wanted. I do that all the time. There are days when I say bad words while I scrap - ok, for me the are just slighly bad words...LOL Nice job! Thanks for playing!

Rose said...

oh so sorry you had such a rough time making your card (i hate those days!) tis is a fantastic card for the color challenge ;)