Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kiddy cards

Last year I bought a couple of 'sporty' paper packs and some diecuts... and I decided it was time to finally use some of them up and make some kid cards. Not at all my usual style, but fun once I decided what to do with them. I started making them before the challenge was posted, but these match last week's 'Cards for Kids' challenge on the Stars and Stamps blog.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Last cards for the weekend!

We went out to watch the fireworks tonight, and here are some cards I whipped up after we got home. I didn't quite get all the challenges done - in the end I missed the photo inspiration challenge, because I don't have a colour printer to print out the (lovely) photo and I drew a blank when I tried to think about what to do on my own... but it's nearly midnight over here in Florida and I'm about to drop in my tracks, so that will do. My final tally for the weekend is 15 out of the 16 challenges, and 26 cards completed (plus a few false-starts). And my scrap basket looks like it's in imminent danger of avalanche because there's so much stuff piled on top of it. I'll have to clean all that mess up in the morning.

CHALLENGE 9 - EASY AS 1, 2, 3.

Maybe it's just me, but I didn't find this challenge easy! I usually use a bunch of patterned paper on my cards, and not many stamped images. For this challenge I had to set that aside and use ONE paper, TWO different stamped images, and at least THREE words in my sentiment. It took me a couple of attempts to make a card  that would match all three criteria at once. I guess that's what happens when you're hurrying to try to finish something off so late at night! I made another card for this challenge but when I came to scan it, it had mysteriously acquired a big black mark in the middle of the printed sentiment, so I had to put it aside and start again. I got this paper at Joanns and I just love it. I stamped 'for me' with individual lettering stamps to finish the sentiment (it's not quite even but I hope that adds to the charm!), and I layered two seperate cats on top of each other. I love the way they came out, and I'll probably make more of this card when I'm not so tired.


I found some diecuts that I assembled earlier, which would make perfect cards for this challenge, and my 'Nana's Nursery' cardstock pad had a cute strawberry sheet, so it didn't take long to whip these up.


This was going to be for the 1, 2, 3 challenge, but I realised the sentiment only had two words, so I brought in an orange cow to finish it off... I think it's cute.

Something fishy this way comes

These two cards fit two challenges - Challenge 15 and Challenge 16. The first challenge was to make a card with a pun in the sentiment... the second was to use animals as your theme. That makes this pair a twofer... (and yes, that's yet more of the camo sheet transformed into waterweed. The card base went down crooked and I had to cover the bottom corner up so you wouldn't see the white underneath!

Mooning around yet again

I literally dreamed this card up last night... I almost got up to make it at 3am, but I decided that it would keep till morning. At last, my train border punch gets put to good use. (You could also count this for the camo challenge, because I cut up one of the 'camo'-style sheets to get the dark moonlit green...)

4th July Weekend - Sunday

Here are the last of the cards I made yesterday... I'm still way behind!

 Sandy challenged us to make a matching pair of cards using the same paper/images, but reflecting different seasons. I was inspired by a sheet of double-sided paper in my collection. One side is spring green leaves and branches, and on the back it's transformed into a wintery blue. I had a matched pair of gingham ribbons and sparklies that sealed the deal!


Kate demonstrated yet another variety of pinwheel for her challenge - this one uses double-sided paper, and if you can get enough glue in the center to hold it firmly, it's super-simple. Since I already had some double-sided cardstock out from the last challenge, I whipped up a pair of pinwheels and made my cards. (the paper is white, but because the pinwheels are folded they pushed the rest of the card far enough off the scanner to add a big shadow.


How could I go past this one? One sheet of absolutely gorgeous printed paper, a few cuts, some distress ink for the edges, and a sentiment stamp, and I had three almost-instant Wintery cards to start off my box for the next challenge.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th July Weekend - backing up to yesterday

I didn't get any of today's challenges done yet because I had church all morning, and some errands to take care of in the afternoon. We also spent some time out by the pool with friends, even though it was very grey today - at least it wasn't raining! But I did make time to back up and do some more of the ones I missed out on yesterday.

Challenge 1 - Camouflage
I bought some camo paper at Joanns specially for making this card... and I used part of a sheet of military paper from the scrapbook shop. It needed something cute to finish it off, so I paper-pieced the little turtle stamp (boy that was fiddly!) and put it on the brown part of the camo paper for contrast.The browny paper is old gold metallic.

I also did Challenge 6 - Howl at the Moon.
I wondered how to get a moon on my card when I didn't have any stamps to use... but then I remembered this cute baby sticker, so I made a sweet little card for somebody's sweet little girl. The cloud paper is a scrap that's been sitting around in my 'pink' box for years waiting for its purpose in life, and it finally found it...

Vintage before and after

I really wasn't quite happy with how this card came out yesterday... I had a brainwave today, so I modified it slightly. I'm much happier with it now! The colours are much more unified, and the punched piece is no longer 'floating' in mid-air... and the butterfly serves more purpose too, because I carefully tucked the new sentiment block underneath the wing.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

More 4th July Challenges

It's getting mighty late so I'm just going to put these in one post, so I can get to bed. I didn't get all the challenges today, but I made a bunch of cards... I didn't get to the first challenge, to number 6, or the last challenge for the day, so I'll try to fit them in tomorrow. I'd like to get ALL the challenges done if I can!

Challenge 4 - What does freedom mean to you (Americana)
Make a patriotic card. Easy enough! This card was so easy it feels like cheating. Somebody gave me this country-style flag image a long time ago, so I coloured it in with markers and coloured pencils, and the card was basically done! I didn't like the blue swirly thing in the center of the star, so I covered it with a star-shaped button that adds a little extra interest to the card. 

Challenge 5 - Vintage cards.
I wasn't quite happy with how my first card came out. I like the stamped background, but the sentiment bar is just kind of floating there and it doesn't tie in very well to the rest of the card...

Then I remembered that I had some lovely vintage diecuts, and I made a second card that came out much better.The diecut is basically olive green with a VERY pale image, so I used a fine tipped marker to lightly trace over the edges of the bird and vine, and I added a little pale pink colour to the flowers. Then I rubbed some distress ink over the top to pull it back into line with the rest of the card.

Challenge 7 - Subway Art.
Nobody was really quite sure what we were meant to do for this challenge, but the gist of it is to use different fonts and colours and to make a block of text the centerpiece of your card. At least that's what I got from it! I don't have a working printer atm, so I used a Thankyou stamp, and coloured in some of the lettering. The little hearts are punched out to add a bit more interest, and I tied a skinny red ribbon around the mat just to finish it off.

4th July Challenge 3

Challenge Three is brought to us by Tanya... she's challenged us to Tie a Yellow Ribbon around this colour combination.
When I saw these lovely rich colours, I leaped to grab my coppery-orange metallic cardstock and a sheet of glittery yellow from DCWV (yes, it has glitter on it, but it's thoroughly embedded in plastic, so it's OWH-safe... how do you tell? - scratch a fingernail over the card as hard as you can and not a fleck comes off.)

My first card uses the now-familiar starburst design that was demonstrated on the Stars and Stamps blog a few weeks ago. I hope everyone isn't tired of it yet - it's a wonderful way to show off a bunch of different patterned papers in one card without it's seeming overcrowded and messy.I kept things super-simple so the papers could sing, and I love how it came out.

After I made my first card, I saw that everyone else was using an actual yellow ribbon on their cards... oops! Luckily I had another sheet of the dark brown cardstock, and after much fiddling around with the offcuts of the other sheets, I came up with a second design. (You'll see more of the dark brown and yellow in another challenge - I tried a few things before I was satisfied with my design.) This card features a baby-sized yellow bow. Believe me it was challenging to get it tied that small, but a big one was just too much of a good thing. I punched two holes in the paper and threaded the ribbon through, then tied a bow on the front. And it wasn't intended to have the skinny stripes on it - I was going to leave a white space between each paper and put some more of the yellow ribbon in, but the gap was uneven and it looked silly, so I covered it up with the offcuts, and fortunately THAT worked out okay.

Challenge 2

Challenge 2  comes to us from the 2 Paw Prints blog. Sheila has challenged us to make a fishbowl card. I thought I had a sheet of patterned paper with a fishy pattern on it, but I couldn't find it, so I dug out my Cricut and I made one from scratch. A fishbowl is basically a circle with the top and bottom cut off, so it wasn't hard. I cut one out of cardstock to check that it would work, and then I made one with patterned paper. They both worked out fine, so I made two cards. The top card uses some cut-up vellum leaves for water-weed, and the bottom is cut from a scrap of patterned paper, and they both use stickers for the fish and shells.

4th July Weekend Party

Operation Write Home is hosting a Challenge Party this weekend to celebrate the 4th July. They'll be linking to a new challenge every two hours today and tomorrow... and I'm going to see how many I can get done! See the Stars and Stamps blog for links to all the challenges as they go live.

Oh yes, and there are prizes!