Monday, March 1, 2010

Stamphaven Blog Banners

I post a lot to the Stamphaven board... it's for stamping cardmakers and other stamp-artists, and a lot of the people there support Operation Write Home (which was how I found the board in the first place!) The stamphaven logo is a rectangle and it didn't translate to my blog very well... so I disassembled it and made some square versions. There are lots of cool tools and tips on Obsidian Dawn Resources, including the Scroll Brush I used to decorate my banner (yes, it's exactly the same scroll that was originally used - I was thrilled to find it on google!) 

Here is the original rectangular banner...

And here are my blog versions... As you can see, one uses the central (blank) part of the orginal banner for a background, one uses another misty winter scene that ends up generally pale and un-tree-like, and the last uses plain black and white... feel free to make use of any of them to link back to Stamphaven!

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