Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OWH card box - second half of images

Here's the rest of the cards I made for this box... I sorted them by type before I photographed them to make life simpler. Scanning 175 cards individually would take up WAY too much time and space!
Thinking of You cards
Miss You cards
Friendship cards, part 1
Friendship cards, part 2
Miscellaneous cards - OWH doesn't need a lot of these, but sometimes you have the perfect image!

I mailed my box of cards! - 1/2 half of the images

I used a middle-sized flat rate box and I tucked the cards into envelopes before I put them in - I fit 175 cards lengthways down the box, with cardboard dividers between the categories. I typed up a nice Any Hero letter and printed out a bunch of copies and rolled them up and slid them into the gap at the side of the box, and added half a dozen Any Hero cards. I hope they got there in one piece!
Hello/Just a Note
Thank you
Birthday cards
Blank notecards - the dogs are recycled from a small giftbook.
Now it's on to Fall/Halloween cards... two weeks to get the box FINISHED, and I have 100 pumpkin-orange envelopes to fill.
PS. I LOVE that they've fixed it so you can add a caption to your images without having to mess with your layout to do it! It makes life SOOOO much simpler. 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Assorted cards for Operation Write Home

I'm trying to fill another box... and also to use up some of the bazillion scraps and bits-and-pieces lying around my craftroom. Here's some cards I made over the weekend.
I found some pre-stamped backgrounds and half-finished cards in my scrap box, so I tried to finish them all off. I was also trying to be more masculine and avoid the pretty-pretty-little-girly cards I tend to make when left to my own devices.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stamped background cards

I was making cards for OWH this week and I used my 'thinking of you' and 'missing you' stamps to make backgrounds... I need to get more use out of them since I went out and bought them with real money!