Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New cards from old (books)

I picked up a couple of cute little 'gift' books on the weekend at a second-hand book sale - you know the kind... little books about the size of a greeting card with pretty pictures and sentiments in them. They're intended for you to give somebody instead of a greeting card, but if you cut them apart the individual pages make lovely cards. All they need is a little selective trimming and a bit of embellishment and you've got a stack of beautiful cards with very little work required.

The hardest part of making them is deciding which side of the page is more appropriate to use, because you can only use 50% of the contents - the other side of the page is glued down! 
Last night I sat down and made some of them up into simple, colourful, cheerful cards for Operation Write Home. I hope they make the recipients smile as much as I did making them.


Jan Hunnicutt said...

What a cute idea, they're nice and bright! Very creative recycling!

Merry's Musings said...

Your cards turned out just amazing! They will be greatly appreciated.