Saturday, April 24, 2010

365 Cards Days 53-54

Scroll down for a one-week catch-up entry. Another one is coming because I've got another whole week to catch up! But now here's the last few days' cards.

Day 53 - Front, Back and everything inbetween
I don't usually decorate the inside of my cards, so I had to think hard about this one! I kept it simple and used a recurring jigsaw piece theme on the pages....

Day 54 - Fancy Folds

The example for this was a square card... but I cut the design down to size and used a regular-sized card to make a mini-version. I used a nice printed card for the front and cut a panel off the front, and I folded a 4x6 cardstock mat in half to make the inside panel (I folded it backwards so I'd have the white front to decorate and you can see the printing when you open the card, but it's still light enough to write on with a black pen.  I echoed the printed flowers with a 3D flower to hold the front panel closed.

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