Thursday, April 29, 2010

365 Cards Days 57/58/60

I posted day 59 yesterday, so here are the other challenges...

Day 57 - Ad-inspired
Make a card inspired by this adorable baby quilt/s... I didn't really want to make another baby card because I just made one of them yesterday, but I've got a cute turtle on my Cricut Stretch Your Imagination cartridge, so I made a romantic card with that. The little bow was on the cartridge as well, I just had to figure out what size to make it... and I cut the mini bow tie by hand.

Day 58 - Crazy Eights. Make a card with at least three multiples of eight on it .
My card has eight colours striped on the background (there were seven colours on the printed paper and I added a strip of yellow to make eight), eight petals on the flower, and eight golden gems in the center of the flower. I didn't want to over-complicate the design with that many colours in it, so I kept the flower very simple.

Day 60 - All that Glitters. It's another glitter challenge - use three colours of glitter on your card. I can't use loose glitter for Operation Write Home, so rather than skip this challenge I've fallen back on paper with the glitter safely embedded in acrylic where it can't flake off and be a danger to anyone.
My card was inspired by the gorgeous glittery giraffe in the 'Nana's Nursery' Baby Boy stack. It had blue glitter and creamy-coloured glitter, so I added a sheet of orangey-yellow glitter cardstock, and then to make sure I had enough glitter, I finished it with a little silver sticker flower with glitter embedded right in the foil. Isn't the giraffe sweet? This card does double duty - it also fits the Wednesday Challenge over on Stars and Stamps - do the Wild Thing... and so for that matter does my kissing turtles card above!

Speaking of Challenges, Operation Write Home is holding a 'Make Someone's Day Challenge' and they have five prizes to give away...  simply send in an envelope of general purpose cards (love you, miss you, thinking of you etc.) and include two Any Hero cards with a brief note of encouragement in them. The deadline for this challenge is May 10th, so if you're interested, get hopping! There's no minimum number of cards  to send... so anything over four would count. :) I'm going to Orlando for the weekend, and I've got a bunch of cards made... hopefully I'll be able to make it to the post office tomorrow.


Tammy said...

These are so cute!! I love the kissing turtles! Wonderful colors and border punch on the giraffe card! Thanks for playing this week!

Gloria Stengel said...

Very nice! Love the kissing turtles! Thanks for playing at 365 Cards this week!

Rose said...

oh how sweet are the love turtles!!! fantastic cards :)