Wednesday, April 14, 2010

365 Cards - White Space Week

his week 365 cards is posting a new 'white space' design every day. You have to follow the template and keep your embellishments and decoration in the black part of the card, leaving the rest plain and simple in some way. Here are my first three.

Day 43
My version is very simple. I used a simple pale lavender window card and mounted floral vellum in the oval, glueing a dove grey insert behind it so you can write in the card without its showing through.I stamped my sentiment straight onto one decorative strip and used a narrow ribbon for the second. Add a fabric flower with a blingy brad heart, and I was done.

Day 44
 This card combines the 365 cards challenge with Technique Tuesday from the Stars and Stamps blog.- making a recipe card. Which ironically was directly inspired by 365 Cards 'recipe card' challenge a few weeks ago and adapted for OWH. A pocket card is a good thing for OWH because the person who gets it can write a nice long letter to send home to their family. I made the sentiment in Photoshop and the rest is pretty self-evident.

Day 45
I made a booboo when I made today's card. I completely glitched on the white space at the bottom of the card and divided mine into quarters. I'll have to have another go at it. :( But I love the cards I made so I'll post them anyway. I made two today - I took a piece of fancy printed paper the size of my card front and carefully cut it on the diagonal, using the pieces to make a pair of cards. These are also pocket cards.  This card design is also doing double-duty for Stars and Stamps - today's Midweek challenge is to make a masculine and feminine version of an 'Anytime card'.

Here is my feminine pocket card with cute little flowers... I cut up a punched vine to get leaves small enough.
And here is a more manly version.


Rika's Crafts said...

Great cards! Those white space challenges are tough, aren't they!

annieambriel said...

Beautiful cards.. Lovely! you make it seems that white space is effortless :)

Nancy Keller said...

Metal embellies are definitely more manly! I love both of these. Thanks for sharing!

Gloria Stengel said...

Super perfect! Love them all. Thanks for playing at 365 Cards!

Kim said...

Ah you may have stretched the triangles for the Day 45 card, but it's close enough in my book! Thanks for playing with us again this week at 365 Cards and hope to see more from you!

Aloha, Kim
365 Cards Design Team member
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