Friday, April 2, 2010

Bad news, good news...

First the bad news. I've been struggling with de quervain's syndrome (thumb tendinitis) in my left hand all year long, and while it's a lot better than it was at first (in January I couldn't even  get a spoon or fork into my mouth because my wrist wouldn't bend!) I keep aggravating it. I can't pick up a pen to write, hold a pair of nail scissors (or the cat clippers), or play my flute, and I've realised that if I don't look after it properly it might not get better! Then I wouldn't be able to make cards at all and I'd be TRULY frustrated... I'm taking two weeks off all the activities that put a strain on my hand and that are avoidable to give it a better chance of healing. So no volunteering at the library (shelving books), no lifting, and no crafting. No matter how much my fingers itch to create a new card, I'm not going to do it unless I really have to. Please don't forget about me - I'll be back as soon as I can.

But there's also good news - I posted a card I made for a card contest on the Rubber Stamp Chat site - and I won first prize from Scrolls Work Stamps! I can't wait to spend my gift certificate on some more stamping goodies from their store ... I can't afford to buy stamps for myself unless they're in the bargain bin, so this is a great chance to fill in some of the gaps in my collection. I just HAVE to have this stamp for my OWH cards. :) 

I was also lucky enough to win some beautiful blog candy during the Operation Write Home blog hop a few weeks ago... Lori sent me some lovely ribbons, stickers and bling.  Check out her blog - Lori's Purple Giraffes. Thank you so very much Lori... your gift will allow me to make that many more cards for charity, as soon as my hand will allow me to do the work!

All the cards I make are for ministry - either for Operation Write Home, for card ministry through my own or other churches, or direct gifts to thank/cheer/uplift people through the mail. If/when my hand heals enough to manage it, my next 'order' is to make a bunch of cards for our local cat rescue group to help them raise funds to look after the furbabies. (I offered to do it in January and they said they'd love to get some cards, but I haven't been able to manage it yet. :( )
I don't have the money to buy a lot of supplies (I spend more than I should just on postage and cardstock!), so the occasional things that people give me are received with huge thanks. I would never sell or discard an item that was given to me, or attempt to profit from it myself. If I have too much of something or I really can't use it, I'll find another crafter who CAN use it and give it to them. So thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!! I couldn't do it without you.


Teresa said...

Take care of yourself Karen. Check in when you can. You will be missed at SH.

Cheryl said...

Hi left a message on my dontworrybescrappi blog. If you want we could do a paper swap -I see they are actually doing this on OWH. I love your ribbon idea - right now i have mine organized into a divider box but ive already surpassed the amount it will hold and have more in another box and some in a ziploc bag so i probably need to move onto this system. Interestingly i am noticing i am not using ribbon on my cards for challenges very often -there doesn't seem to be enough room on these little a2 sized cards -do u notice the same?

Cheryl said...

Hi again Karen, you are a sweetheart for offering but I wont unless you let me at least send you some digital stamped images -I have two new ones from stampology i can stamp onto white cardstock -one is a boy character theme collection and the other is assorted flowers you can color in...thats the only way i will do an exchange -I insist!!...and my address is Cheryl Kreider 530 Old trail rd. Beech Island, SC 29842...hop over to my blog and leave your address for me as I am getting your images ready now! Cheryl