Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I made some cards!

Whenever I make cards I have a little pink basket on the desk next to me, and I put all my sraps in there. It keeps them contained until I can get around to putting them away again, and sometimes it gives me food for a new card or two just by going through it. Last night my fingers were just ITCHING to create some cards, but I've tweaked my back so I couldn't keep getting up and down and moving around to find supplies, so I started pulling stuff out of the scrap basket. The only things that DIDN'T come out of the basket were a few stamps and a few extra embellishments which were in arm's reach of my chair.
These were the first two cards and they use the same paper. The paper with the curvy lines is actually a blue metallic cardstock which was leftover when I cut some balloons with the cricut. I trimmed it up as neatly as I could but the finished card was decidedly crooked, so I added another balloon to cover the most off-kilter corner.  The second card is entirely scrap, but I added some corner decorations with one of my new Scrollworks stamps.

I was more into the swing of things with this card and I'm very happy with how it came out. Again, it's entirely scrap except for the green punchy leaves.

My last card is entirely different to my usual pretty-pretty style... but it was dictated by the shape of the scraps, and I like it in a modernistic way. I didn't want to make it too fancy and to overwhelm the beautiful blue paper. The little blue foil sticker says 'you and me' and I rubbed it with my fingers to take some of the blue off the lettering. Lastly I added some bling and it was done.

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Gloria Stengel said...

Lovely cards! Great color choices. I just stopped to say thanks for saying I was "clever" in my white space challenge at 365 Cards on Monday! I see you recognize true genious when you see it. hee hee hee!