Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today's Challenge - the Winterhaven Spring Fling

No, you don't have to throw anything out... the challenge was to grab five random items from your stash that you didn't have any definite purpose for, and to combine them into a card.

 Item 1, and my starting point, was the pre-stamped card base. I was making another card design and I messed up my sentiment so the card was ready to be trashed. But I figured I could reuse it if I covered over the botched stamping with another similarly-sized sentiment from my RAK box (item 2). That left a lengthy rectangular space to fill in and what better than some punchie flowers? (item 3). Item four was a little purple diecut tag floating around in my diecut collection, and 4b was an odd purple flower brad that went with it. But a tag needs something on it, which brings me to my last item - a message recycled from the inside of a Christian greeting card, which just fit nicely when I trimmed it into smaller segments.

Want to give it a go? Here's the original challenge thread over on Winterhaven.

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