Friday, February 5, 2010

A Cautionary Tale

Come gather around me
boys and girls,
and hear my tale of woe

Of my attempt to make
A trifold shutter card
And how disastrous it did go

Stars and Stamps
put forth the challenge
(Who was I to turn them down?)

It was going to take
some effort
I'm not the most careful girl in town!

I girded my loins
and fetched my tools
I swore I would be neat

If  twas the only thing
I did today
This card I would complete.

I measured thrice
and cut but once
Held my thumbs and made a bet

My folding was
but lo and behold it met!

overwhelmed me
As I gathered up my stamps

To complete
the decorations
My design I would enhance...

I measured precious
glimmer cardstock
Added the daintiest of brads

Picked a balloon
to add to the corners
And... oh #@#@#%#$ @#$%&@!@##!!!!!!!!!!

My stupidity
overhelmed me
My world began to rock

When inking up
the birthday stamp
I tilted the @#$%$# block!

The moral of
this story
Should be obvious to you

When making such
an intricate card
Stamp BEFORE you glue!

As you can see, it was a beautiful card until I managed to ruin it... it's not blood on the card - I was using a rainbow ink pad for the balloons and one end of the pad was red. I have a bad tendency to tilt the acrylic block over when I'm inking (and stamping)... sometimes it doesn't matter, but in this case the damage is irreparable. I'll try again tomorrow. My hand is too sore to make any more cards right now.
The pattern for the trifold card is here. It's really not as hard as it looks!


Teresa said...

Ahh Karen, and this is a hard place to cover a boo boo. Looked great. You still have half a day! :)

Cathy said...

It's still a great looking card!!!

Trinity Paper Arts said...

You most definitely get an A for effort. I can so relate to what happened to you - and usually you can cover it up with a flower or something - but I am sure tomorrow's card will be great! I'll be back to look again. Blessings, Louise

Lynne said...

Got it stamp before I glue! Cute!

this is fun said...

Just put a ribbon there or a sticker. It'll look quirky and interesting.

Scrp4me said...

love the poem and I think is still fantastic just has a tad more personality than you planned.