Friday, February 19, 2010

Storing my cards

 I was too busy to make cards today... so I'm going to share my new card storage method with you. I used to put all my finished cards into a plastic shoebox. It kept them nice and it fitted on the shelf easily within arm's reach... but you can't see what's in it unless you pull the lot out and flip through them, so it's easy to forget what's there. Also it doesn't hold as many cards as I needed it to.
I saw somebody online who was putting their finished cards into an over-the-door-shoe-holder. That seemed like a great idea so I went shopping. Ross didn't have any shoe holders with clear pockets... so I looked in the Dollar Tree. They had one... but right above it were 'hanging pocket storage' with a choice of five or six pockets in each. I bought a six-pocket holder, brought it home and hung it up... and immediately realised that I had a bunch more room. So I went back and bought a second, and I fastened them together myself. I put duck tape on the back where you can't see it, clear packing tape on the front, and I finished it off with four eyelets set into the edges with my cropodile. I taped it to my paper drawers with  more clear tape.
Then I started figuring out how best to use it. This is subject  to change, but the pockets are labelled as follows:
  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Birthday
  • Thinking of you/Miss you
  • Encouragement/general
  • Children (I don't make a lot of kiddy cards...)
  • Current Holiday
  • Next Holiday
  • Future Holidays
  • Next Year (in case I make cards for a holiday that's already passed...)
  • Any Hero Cards
Each pocket looks like it will hold about 20 cards, so that's PLENTY of room! And I left my other supplies and partially finished card bases in the shoebox.


Pati said...

Neat ideas! Thanks for sharing. I don't have any Dollar Trees here in AK but when I travel down south in the next month or 2 I will have to keep an eye out for them (or similar stores).

Natalie said...

Very good idea! Mine are in a basket and I'm not really happy with the way they are stored because it's too hard to find them without going through every one!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect idea! I am gong to be on the look out for these. Thanks for the tip.