Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Bloghop Goody List

(Go back one entry for my bloghop proper.)

The lesson I learned last time is never try to REMEMBER where the goodies are when there are more than a dozen blogs involved! After forgetting where everything was I went back and revisited the blogs and made a list, and it worked great for me and everyone else... so I'm doing it again. As I go through the 150+ blogs on the list, I'll be noting down any that have giveaways or that I need to revisit for future inspiration.

Starting with mine and moving down.
  • Creating with Kajikit - free Any Hero poems, coloured digital frame and ready-to-print cards. Patriotic blog candy to win.
  • Splashes of Joy - email for a free Missing You patriotic digit set with a puppydog theme.
  •  Carolyn has blog candy and three cards so gorgeous I couldn't pick a favourite if you held me at gunpoint.
  • Anita has blog candy if you sign up to follow her blog, and instructions for making sweet little pinwheel cards.
  • Kathy has promised to make a card for OWH for every comment she recieves, so make sure you leave her some fodder! She also has cute blog candy.
  • Joanne has made a card with a very unusual spiral popup, and she gives you instructions on how to make it yourself. She also has a link to a perfect digital freebie for OWH. 
  • Sherrie at Impressionable Art has blog candy in return for spreading the word about OWH.
  • Sbartist has blog candy, and she shares a cute flag card I might have to borrow.
  • Claudia shares a link to a free downloadable spidey digi.
  • Debby shares some unusual vintage-style cards and tribute to a fallen airman... and if you follow her blog she has candy too.
  • The Midnight Crafter shows us how to many many different cards from one simple background design.
  • Lindsey has some blog candy to give away, and a simple sketch to try.
  • Lastly, the OWH blog has some gorgeous digital freebies to download and some bumper boxes of cardstock to give away.
  • (I sense a trend here! Not a lot of tutorials etc to link to, but LOTS of candy to win! It's time for a break. I'll be back later with more from the first half of the blog.) 
Back to the start of the Hop... (I started from my own blog, 2/3 of the way through the list.)
  • You get some yummy blog candy and a freebie to get you started on the Stars and Stamps blog
  • Kate has a questionare on blog tutorials... and blog candy for answering it.
And it looks as if every second person has blog candy so I'm not going to list them all... this is getting repetitive! Let's see if anyone has anything else to note. :) (nothing against the candy, but if almost everyone has it then it defeats the purpose of trying to make a checklist. I'm going to just note things OTHER than your basic candy or I'm going to wear my fingers out typing.
  • Pat's card is very simple... but I'm bookmarking it for exactly that reason. It takes a deft touch to make such a clean and simple card look good... and I want to borrow her design for OWH. I need some quick-and-easy card designs to help fill my next box!
  • Caryl has a challenge for us! Make a card using the simple sketch she's included in her blog entry, and you could win a genuine set of SU stamps. 
  • Paula has a sweet little patriotic chick for us to download.
  • You can't go past Sandy's blog - she's made us a whole sheet of digital images to use, AND she has a tutorial on making backgrounds with waxed paper AND as if that's not enough, she has a challenge for us to make a card this weekend using her image/s to win another prize.
  • WinkWinkInk is giving us a free patriotic teddybear to play with...
  • Don't worry be Scrappi has free digital graphics featuring Oscar the Camel... and if you make a card featuring Oscar you could win a yummy stack of blog candy.
  • Create with me has a little video tutorial on masking
There are too many to list everyone... everyone is so generous with their stashes this year! I'm not even halfway through the list and it's time for bed. 


      Les said...

      Thanks for sharing during our Memorial Day Weekend Blog Hop; all us bloggers enjoy having each of us so active during this time of special rememberance.

      Seongsook Duncan said...

      Thanks for your doing this. I am still on the hop.

      Betty said...

      I love you as I started a list lost is started another lost it... and so on and so on

      Pat Q said...

      Thanks for highlighting my blog. I'm glad when anyone can take my ideas and use them for making cards for the heroes.