Wednesday, May 12, 2010

365 Cards - Day 71, 72

Day 71 - Do that Decade: Roaring Twenties
It doesn't often take me two days to make a card... but I was a bit stuck on this one! Almost everyone else did a 'flapper' card and I wanted to be different! The 1920s was the era of Art Deco, so I made an Art-deco inspired stained glass window card. The stained glass is made with gold peely stickers on vellum and I coloured the back with markers. Then I mounted it in a window and put a white insert behind it.
(PS. Reading the challenge again it seems I could have picked ANY decade! Oh well... it's done now. Everyone needs a challenge now and then.) 

Day 72 - It needs something
Today's challenge (okay, yesterday's) was to take a stamped or printed image and add something to it. I found this cute little boy stamp in my basket, and I added some stickers and a rubon baseball bat to transform him into a junior sportsman. The hat and shoes are a bit big, but I think they're cute! I had a sticker bat but it was way too big for him. The sentiment is a rubon too... I was going to put 'congratulations' but that rubon broke when I was trying to attach it. I hate rubons for that very reason!


Carolyn V said...

Bravo! I love the art deco card - it's gorgeous!! And that little sporty dude is cute, too :)

Gloria Stengel said...

Love the art deco card! What a way to do your own thing. I am so proud! Thanks for playing along with us at 365 Cards!

Rose said...

oh i love the stained glass card and what a fun baseball card :)