Tuesday, October 6, 2009

World Card-making Day Wrap-up

I was planning to make a post for each individual challenge I completed... but I was too busy making cards to take the time! So I decided to wait until the end of the weekend and sum everything up. There were 15 challenges posted over the weekend, and I managed to complete them all, making 17 cards in total. A few cards overlapped and counted for more than one challenge, but I managed to cover the lot. And here is the list of challenges for you in case you want to try any of them:

  1. Christmas in the pink (or orange, or purple...) - make a Christmas card using non-traditional colours. NO RED OR GREEN!
  2. Alphabet soup - If you're like me I'm sure you've got random alphabet sheets lying around with odds and ends of letters left on them but all the vowels gone. Use some of these lettering stickers on your card in some way. If you don't have stickers you can use lettering stamps but they must be mix-and-match
  3. All That Glitters - Loose glitter is forbidden on cards for Operation Write Home for very good reasons... if it can flake off the card it can be very dangerous (not to mention messy!) but there's no reason that our cards can't shimmer, sparkle and shine anyway. Make a card with a generous dose of non-flaky shimmeriness. Use metallic paper, glimmer paper, sequins, etc.
  4. Show Me the Eyelets - Use up your collection of eyelets!
  5. Envelope of Stuff - The envelope of goodness was sent out to participants prior to the weekend... the challenge was to use at least two envelope items on each card we made, and there were enough goodies in there for three to six cards. I made three, but I still have a bunch of stuff left.
  6. Dry Embossing - Using embossing folders, brass stencils, texture plates, or even a paper crimper, make a card (any theme) that has embossing. At least 4"x4" of the project must contain embossing. You must also include stamping on the project. The twist is that the embossing must either inked or sanded to count.
  7. Simply Red - Make a tone-on-tone card with just red....Subtlety! Think embossing (with inks or textures), red emellishments, layering different red patterned papers. The color red is great for holiday cards - or for Valentines if you're getting a jump on the coming season!! *Note: the challenge is to use red entirely; but if you need to, you may stamp black or white on red paper or cardstock, too.
  8. Tag on a Card - Just what it say. Make a card of taggy goodness...
  9. Draw It Yourself - no embellishments, tools, or layering allowed. Just you and your markers or pens...
  10. Do Them All! - Who could manage to complete ALL the listed challenges before midnight Sunday?
Driveby 1 - Stamping Only - Take one sheet of white cardstock and as many stamps and inkpads as you like and make a card with no other embellishments.
Driveby 2 - Buttoned Up - use at least three buttons on your card
Driveby 3 - Punched Out - get out your punches and go to town.
Driveby 4 - Miss you card - They always need 'Miss you' cards for Operation Write Home, so let's make one...

SPECIAL BONUS - How many challenges can you combine in one card?

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