Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Pastor Appreciation Day!

If you're a church-goer I hope you made a few moments on the weekend to recognise your pastor/s for the hard work that they do... being a pastor is very hard work! Our church elder asked me what we should give them, and I suggested that I could make some picture frame collages... he thought that was a good idea, so I sat down looking for a suitable poem on the internet. I found one or two that were nice, but I didn't see anything suitable for our worship leader, so in the end I decided that I'd just have to write them myself... that way they could be personalised! Three days later, I had them finished and here they are. Click on each image to see a full-sized version and read the verses. I wrote personalised acrostics for each pastor. They're not
identical, but they have the same general idea...

- Unmounted rubber stamps, Scrappy Cat acrylic leaf stamps, stampendous music note stamp
- Stickers
- Scrap paper from my collection.
- Plain cream cardstock
- Silk and paper flowers and leaves
- Brads
- Dollar Tree picture Frames with a cardboard backing.


Start by taking the glass out of the picture frames. You won't need it, so put it aside for some other project. This is a good use for a frame with a broken or cracked glass too! These frames have a cardboard backing, so I could glue straight onto it without a problem. I used a sheet of cardstock as a base and collaged on that... then when they were done I glued them onto the frame backing.
Glue paper strips onto the sheet and let them dry. Figure out where you want to put your text and glue it on. Then start decorating! I sponged them with plenty of ink to tone everything in together and put stamps and brads and flowers where they seemed to fit. Just do whatever strikes you as being attractive and stop when you're finished! The good thing about the cardboard frame is that you can keep on adding things to it - you can just poke the brads right through the cardboard and fasten them on the back.

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