Tuesday, October 6, 2009

WCD - How many challenges could I do at once?

I challenged people to see how many of the 14 listed challenges they could incorporate into a single card... and then I had a go at it myself. Almost everyone managed two (a tag with an eyelet does that nicely without even requiring any extra imagination!)... a lot of people did three-in-one (eg. a red tag eyelet card). And two people managed four. I made two different cards which incorporated four challenges... and then I topped it all off by cramming no less than SIX onto a single card! So without further ado, let me show them off to you...

Firstly, a red, punched, tag card with glimmery hearts on it. I've already written about this card, so I don't need to repeat myself, and it's so simple it should be self-evident. I punched a border strip on the light red cardstock and then added the dark red strip with the dragon punched in it. There was a flaw in the edging that I needed to cover up (it's easy to slip with the border punch and to double-punch one of those little holes), so I made the tag run the full length of the card and it magically disappeared underneath... I made it a new years card because the red and the dragon made me think of the Chinese New Year. And that's it. (more cards after the break)

Secondly, a matching (but not identical) pair of glimmery non-traditional punched Christmas cards with an array of buttons on them. I made the pinky-purply paper myself by rubbing a sheet of white cardstock across my inkpad and then wetting it down to blend the ink a little. It's variagated because the inkpad is one of those ones that blends different colours together... I wanted the paper to star, so I made the rest of the cards very simple - just punches done from metallic origami paper, and different-coloured buttons.

And lastly, ta-da... I give you a Red, embossed, tag, glittery, hand-decorated card WITH an eyelet! I'm very proud of myself for that last bit... I never use eyelets so I don't even own an eyelet setter. If somebody happens to give me eyelets in a swap or a RAK I put them into a little tin, and when the tin is full I RAK it away to someone else who might actually use them. But for this challenge I decided to give it a go, so I dug into my tin and found that yes I had one lonely little red eyelet sitting there! I poked a hole into the corner of the card with my metal needle, but of course that wasn't nearly large enough for an eyelet, so I enlarged it with the point of my embroidery scissors by poking them through and twisting them a few times. It took a few goes to get the hole big enough, and the card got a little mangled in the process, but it doesn't show. Once I had a suitable hole I poked an eyelet into it, flipped the card over and sat it on my desk. Then I got out the toolbox and dug around for something I could use as a squisher. I pulled out a twisty screwdriver thingy with a rounded end, and the hammer. Insert the screwdriver into the back of the eyelet, and whack it with the hammer. It split the eyelet into four, so then I turned it around a little and repeated the process... at this point the eyelet was split but not as flat as it needed to be, so I took the screwdriver out and whacked it once with the hammer and voila. You'd never know it was unconventionally set to look at it!
The heart was embossed with my Fiskars scrapboss. I don't have any 'background' plates, so I used a border and just slid the cardstock across between rows so that it made a repeating pattern. It was a little time-consuming to do a whole card, but it came out very effective. Then I lightly sanded the cardstock, and even more lightly inked it to take away the whiteness... I mounted the cardstock behind a heart-shaped window (cut with my Coluzzle) and whipped up a little mini-tag from a recycled christmas card and a scrap of the embossing. Add a bit of glitter and a little decoration and voila...

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