Friday, October 30, 2009

Here goes my Christmas box...

The Christmas mailing deadline for Operation Write Home is Monday November 2nd... so I've been busily working on my box this week. I mailed Fabre 50 assorted Hanukkah and general cards a couple of weeks ago... and this box is going to Sandy. All my cards are stamped with 'Operation Write Home', lined where appropriate (you have to line dark coloured cards or cards that are lumpy-bumpy inside, like my Embossed cards and the cards with brads on them), and sorted into nice neat labelled bundles to make life easier for Sandy.
It contains the following holiday cards:
- 60 'Happy Holidays
- 40 Merry Christmas
- 30 Seasons Greetings
- 20 assorted religious Christmas cards
- 25 miscellaneous christmas (no message etc.)
- 30 Wintery friendship cards (snowflakes, snowmen etc.)
- 10 Happy New Year cards (I ran out of time to make more)

That's 215 cards, and the box still isn't full! You can put a LOT of cards into a priority mailing box... I expect that you could probably cram up to 400 cards in there if they were all neatly packed. It would take me six months to make that many! 200 gives me my money's worth in postage.

And I am putting in some Any Hero cards that I got people at church to write, and doing a few more myself. It's not too late for sending in notes and cards for Christmas... the boxes of blank cards are going out shortly, but you can send in notes and cards that are written in until the end of November because they only have to go one way!

UPDATE - I finished my Any Hero cards this morning. I put 25 of them in, for a total of 240 cards in the box. And here they all are... they don't look like much, do they? But those cards are the result of a month's hard work and I'm very proud of myself for getting them done! The scary thing is how much more room was still left in the box...

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