Sunday, December 6, 2009

12 Tags of Christmas Day 4

Still working backwards here... Tim's actual tag for Day 4 is very simple - just a basic stamped tag with ink sponged over it, and then a removable charm/brooch attached to the front. The charm is where all the work is. Tim used stamping and inking and all sorts of fancy techniques to make his including using a photo corner to make an icy roof on his little house. Its adorable but I don't have the stuff, so once I again, I used what I DID have and I went with the spirit of his tag rather than the exact detail.

Here's your requisite link to Tim's blog with all the details on how to make this adorable brooch tag.

And now on to my own tag. I took a photo of the tag with the pin removed, and one with it in place so you can see how it looks both ways.

My actual tag is extremely simple. I gathered my random christmas stamps and filled in the tag with black stamping, then I sponged ink over the top. I used a silvery-blue embellishment on the tag so I went with blue/purple ink instead of the traditional red/green. My embellishment IS removable - I tied it onto a safetypin with a blue ribbon, and pinned that safetypin through a second so that it dangles freely on the tag. To remove it just unclip the pin and pin it on your shirt. The little silver sticking out tag says 'happy holidays'. I didn't make the star with wires - it was in my embellishment box.
I had left the top of the safety pin plain but it was bugging me, so I put another star on it. The pin opens and closes from the back, and the front is more decorative. :) 

And that's three tags done today, which is definitely my limit. Time for bed and I'll see if I can get some more done tomorrow! It's challenging, but I'm having fun with this...

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Lyneen said...

I love how you did the background, i haven't started my tags and was wondering what I was going to do since I didn't have that stamp Tim used or anything near it. Thanks. I am going to use your tag for inspiration.