Tuesday, December 8, 2009

12 Tags of Christmas Day 3

Tim's technique for Day 3 is plaid made with alcohol inks on glossy cardstock. The rest of the tag is simple stamping, with string wrapped around the tag and a dangling charm. The other technique he demonstrated was distressing brads with a hammer to make them look more like rivets. I'm having trouble loading his blog right now, but I'll add the link to Day 3 as soon as I can. And here's your link...

I do not have any alcohol inks and I had trouble thinking of a way to make the stripes work out... but I gave it my best shot using a striped inkpad swiped directly onto the cardstock. My glossy cardstock is the back of an old greeting card - I went through about six cards trying to make a usable plaid! If you press too lightly it doesn't work and too hard erases the first set of stripes. Either way, the result is not usable.

Here's my card. The plaid is pretty faint but if you look closely it IS there! I distressed the brads with a hammer and a removable screwdriver bit. It didn't work as well as I'd like but it's usable. At least they look older. The mini tag is a little pre-printed cardstock tag fastened with a baby-sized safetypin. My stamp was too big to use anything larger... I left the swirls off my tag for the same reason - the tree took up all the space!

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Lyneen said...

You did a great job with the plaid... not having the supplies Tim has. You followed the inspiration card. You have it downQ