Monday, July 4, 2011

Something fishy this way comes

These two cards fit two challenges - Challenge 15 and Challenge 16. The first challenge was to make a card with a pun in the sentiment... the second was to use animals as your theme. That makes this pair a twofer... (and yes, that's yet more of the camo sheet transformed into waterweed. The card base went down crooked and I had to cover the bottom corner up so you wouldn't see the white underneath!


Trish said...

Awesome cards, love the puns. Thanks for playing along with the challenges.

Lisa Oliver said...

I like them both and love "twofers"! I have never heard, or thought of, your "I blub you" but I am sure going to figure out a way to use it now! Hope you don't mind :)

Thanks for playing along with my Play on Words challenge!

Lisa Oliver