Monday, July 4, 2011

Last cards for the weekend!

We went out to watch the fireworks tonight, and here are some cards I whipped up after we got home. I didn't quite get all the challenges done - in the end I missed the photo inspiration challenge, because I don't have a colour printer to print out the (lovely) photo and I drew a blank when I tried to think about what to do on my own... but it's nearly midnight over here in Florida and I'm about to drop in my tracks, so that will do. My final tally for the weekend is 15 out of the 16 challenges, and 26 cards completed (plus a few false-starts). And my scrap basket looks like it's in imminent danger of avalanche because there's so much stuff piled on top of it. I'll have to clean all that mess up in the morning.

CHALLENGE 9 - EASY AS 1, 2, 3.

Maybe it's just me, but I didn't find this challenge easy! I usually use a bunch of patterned paper on my cards, and not many stamped images. For this challenge I had to set that aside and use ONE paper, TWO different stamped images, and at least THREE words in my sentiment. It took me a couple of attempts to make a card  that would match all three criteria at once. I guess that's what happens when you're hurrying to try to finish something off so late at night! I made another card for this challenge but when I came to scan it, it had mysteriously acquired a big black mark in the middle of the printed sentiment, so I had to put it aside and start again. I got this paper at Joanns and I just love it. I stamped 'for me' with individual lettering stamps to finish the sentiment (it's not quite even but I hope that adds to the charm!), and I layered two seperate cats on top of each other. I love the way they came out, and I'll probably make more of this card when I'm not so tired.


I found some diecuts that I assembled earlier, which would make perfect cards for this challenge, and my 'Nana's Nursery' cardstock pad had a cute strawberry sheet, so it didn't take long to whip these up.


This was going to be for the 1, 2, 3 challenge, but I realised the sentiment only had two words, so I brought in an orange cow to finish it off... I think it's cute.


Tammy said...

All of your cards are adorable Karen! I love your orange cow!! Thanks for playing!
Tammy :)

Sarah said...

Great cards--sounds like you had an extremely crafty weekend :)

Patricia H said...

Wow - what a productive weekend you had! You've come up with some really fun cards for OWH.

I'm sorry you had a difficult time with the 1-2-3 challenge - but that's why it's called a "challenge", right? ;) Your cat card turned out really cute! Thanks for participating.