Wednesday, March 23, 2011

365 Cards, Week 4 - Alphabet Week

For Alphabet week you get three things each day - use at least one on your card.

Day 21 -  Alphabet stickers, Blue, Circle

I went simple on this card. The green and purple circle was a RAK - it was a bit TOO plain so I added the silver decoration around the outside. Then I outlined the lettering with the same pen. It kind of worked out the way I wanted... it'll do anyway!

Day 22 - Distressed, Envelope, Fringe
This card is pretty far outside my comfort zone, but I'm pleased with how it came out. I was going to add a purple vellum envelope, but it was just too much of a good thing, so I used punched stars instead.
I tied the eyelash fiber (fringe) around the card, but it looked a little plain so I knotted a pearl buckle into place. Then I added some tiny mother-of-pearl charms knotted onto the ends of the fibers. I put a tiny gluedot behind each star charm to hold them in place and keep them from rattling around in the envelope. btw, I don't know why the star scanned in brown - it's BLACK! And the swirls are metallic silver.

Day 23 - Grossgrain, heart, ink
If you think you've seen this card before it's because you have! When I scanned in my trio of minicards last week I realised that I glued the heart on upside down. Rather than cutting the card apart and remounting it, I turned it into a pocket and stuck a tag in it. The tag was cut freehand from a strip of cardstock and stamped pretty simply.
This card's a three-for. We have polkadot grossgrain ribbon, hearts galore, and plenty of ink on the tag.

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Kim Mc said...

I love your take on today's "GHI" challenge at 365 Cards! Great "save" of an upside down heart! Thanks for playing with us again and hope to see you next week too!
Aloha, Kim Mc
365 Cards DT