Monday, March 21, 2011

365 Cards, Week 3 cont.

I had a very busy week and didn't get these uploaded yet... (and my internet connection is being a BEAR today so I have to do this in very small bites.)

DAY 14 - Fresh-baked Goodness. You get a double-header for this one. These are both made from recycled images... I made a smudge when I stamped the brown, so I added a bunch of light distressing and it covered it all up perfectly. I love how it came out!

DAY 15 - Colour Scheme. 

The card I made is much darker than it looks on the scan. It's not really brown, honest! It was a bit too dark and gloomy when I was done so I added a vellum sticker. I don't really like the way it came out, but the sticker isn't movable so I'm stuck with it! The green is inked, not dirty...

DAY 16 - Abstract Art
I had hoped to have the time to sit down and make a stained-glass window card for this challenge... but I didn't have nearly enough free time! So I went with one of my favourite techniques - the abstract/random background. Just press or drag your card on a multi-coloured ink pad and keep on going until you like the way it looks. The best thing about it is that it will never come out exactly the same way twice. 

DAY 17 - AD INSPIRED (green all the way)

The general idea was to make a St Patty's card today but I didn't have any need for one. So I made a lovely spring green card instead. The caterpillar is cut with my Cricut 'Stretch Your Imagination' cartridge.


Pam said...

Beautiful cards!

Jennipher Lowery said...

Love your little caterpillar card. Too cute!