Monday, March 14, 2011

365 Cards, Week 1

I know I'm late starting... but the 365 card challenge blog just rolled around to the start of a new year, and I've decided to give it another go. Can I make a card a day, every day??? I went back to the first week and started playing catch-up.

DAY 1 - White Space. This is a pretty simple challenge - you have to keep the decoration on your card within the bounds of the sketch, in this case a strip down one edge and a rectangle right at the other. I really don't like a rectangle sticking off the edge of my card, so I adapted it and used a half-circle instead.
DAY 2 - Pick 5. Use the following items on your card:
Your favourite colour - pink
 Favourite design technique - embossing (and border stickers)
Your favourite embellishment - flowers
Least favourite colour for cards - black (unless it's combined with pink or red!)
Favourite card size - standard 5-1/4 s 4-1/2

DAY 3 - Fun with Fabric. Use a piece of fabric to apply ink or paint to your card. I rolled up a scrap of an old tshirt so that the seam was on the outside and used a pastel rainbow pigment ink so it would be nice and juicy. I love how it turned out!

DAY 4 - 'One of a kind'. Pretty straightforward. I printed the sentiment out, and used stamps to demonstrate it.

DAY 5 - Winter and Summer collide. Use both summer and winter on your card. This one puzzled me a bit, but then I remembered a cute stamp I just bought, and I combined it with a bright summery pre-printed card and some tiny snowflake stickers.

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Lisa said...

Your cards came out fabulous! tyfs!