Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sign, sign, everybody needs a sign

No, I haven't run away from home... we went away for the weekend so I didn't do any crafts from Thursday through Monday because of getting ready, going, and coming back. Actually that's not quite true. I took my Cricut into the library on Monday because the children's librarian had asked to see how it works, and I cut a whole bunch of cute things for her then. But I didn't make any cards.

It took so long to cut out the lettering on the Cricut that I offered to make up the signs at home myself during the week. The Children's Program kicks off on Tuesday night, so I have to have them done by the end of this week.
I made six signs yesterday... and I've got seven more to go! I used a sheet of 12" cardstock as the base, cut out lots of lettering with my Cricut, and added assorted decorations to finish the posters off. Thomas is a kiddy colouring page I cut out. I made the paper plate for the cookout sign myself... and the alligator and heron are cute clipart I found online.
And lastly, here's a photo of all the cards I sent in to Sandy last week for OWH... No Any Hero cards this time, but I sent in 50 assorted blank cards for her to play with, and before I packaged them all up I spread them out on the dining table and took a photo.

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great variety of cards

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