Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Summerhaven Card Recipe Challenge

The Stamphaven board is having a celebration of Summer and cardmaking called 'Summerhaven'. I'm hosting a number of challenges, but the largest is to follow a card recipe and make a set of four cards celebrating the four seasons.

Here's the recipe I have assigned for the challenge:
I've given you two weeks to do this challenge because you have to make more than one card to complete it. The theme of this recipe challenge is The Four Seasons.

1) Choose a stamp set or three/four individual stamps that you would like to use. You will use these same stamps for ALL the cards.
2) Choose a colour combination for each card - black/white plus TWO other colours. Do not repeat colours between cards except for black/white. (ie. one card might be pink/blue, one might be yellow/red etc.)
3) Choose ONE patterned paper to use on each card. Again, do not repeat.
4) Choose TWO embellishments that you would like to use to finish your cards. (eg. brads and ribbon, lace and buttons etc.) Use these same embellishments on all four cards (but they don't have to be EXACTLY the same - they need to reflect your colour combos.)
5) Now make four cards that reflect the four seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn/Fall, and Winter.

Upload your completed card set to the gallery with the tag SH10 recipe, and post links to your cards in this thread.

And here are my four sample cards. As you can see we have Spring - red/green, Summer - yellow/pink, Winter - blue/purple, and Fall - orange/brown. And my two embellishments are buttons and bling. Oh dear - I just noticed that the blue button slid off-center before it dried. I'll fix that, but you get the idea. :)

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Elisabeth said...

These are beautiful!!!