Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quick and easy cards

I know it's a VERY long time since I've used this blog... but I've had the misfortune to become chronically ill, and crafting has dropped way down my priority list. When I do craft I'm going with very simple designs that use premade decorations wherever possible to minimise the amount of moving around I have to do. I found these gorgeous flowers in Ross, and they inspired me to make some cards using a vase stamp and a leaf punch.

The first is a get well card for an elderly church member who broke his hip. Paul's eyesight is deteriorating, so I went for bold bright colours to make it easy for him to see the card and to cheer up his hospital room.

I also had the sad occasion to make a sympathy card for my brother-in-law's wife... I used the same tools, but added a filigree cross stamp for a background and used a sympathy prayer. I made it in two colours because I wasn't sure which background would work better, and I put a pre-printed sympathy poem on the inside...

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