Tuesday, April 5, 2011

365 cards again

My shoulder's better now, so I was going to do a catch-up and get all last week's cards done in one go, but they've changed Mr Linky and they're only keeping posts open for a week instead of a month like they used to. I guess I'll just start from Sunday and skip last week altogether, but my perfectionist streak is shouting at me about incompleteness. :( Cards coming today!

On the other hand, not. I thought I was up to cardmaking but I got one done and I was trying to do a second and my shoulder started screeching at me, and the card didn't even work out! This is soooo frustrating!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen! Just seeing if i could find your blogs.

I Had my shoulder hurting recently too. Was moving clothes on a tall rack at the thrift store and discovered I hardly had any range of motion in my left shoulder and I could barely hold my hand above my head. Later that evening I laid down and all of a sudden felt my shoulder pop back into place. Think it might have been out of place for a while, because I was having neck and back soreness, but I didn't realize it was my shoulder causing the problem.

Certainly hope you get feeling better. Know how frustrating it is for you to sit around without getting to do fun creative stuff.

Sharla V.