Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I mailed my box of cards! - 1/2 half of the images

I used a middle-sized flat rate box and I tucked the cards into envelopes before I put them in - I fit 175 cards lengthways down the box, with cardboard dividers between the categories. I typed up a nice Any Hero letter and printed out a bunch of copies and rolled them up and slid them into the gap at the side of the box, and added half a dozen Any Hero cards. I hope they got there in one piece!
Hello/Just a Note
Thank you
Birthday cards
Blank notecards - the dogs are recycled from a small giftbook.
Now it's on to Fall/Halloween cards... two weeks to get the box FINISHED, and I have 100 pumpkin-orange envelopes to fill.
PS. I LOVE that they've fixed it so you can add a caption to your images without having to mess with your layout to do it! It makes life SOOOO much simpler. 

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