Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cards for Heroes is now Operation Write Home


They changed their name and website... still the same group and the same valuable role, just a different name. They are also now officially a 401C group, so any donations you give to them to help support their operations are tax deductible!


I gave them my own support just last week - I mailed off my third box of cards, and this time I used a BIG priority box. I sent in 200 blank cards with assorted themes, plus 20 Any Hero cards... and the amazing thing was that the box was still not full. There would have been room for another hundred cards in the box, but I was out of time to make them before the Halloween mailing deadline! The smallest size priority box only holds 40 cards, and you can squeeze 60 into the priority envelopes, so a bigger box is a big cost saving if you have time to make more than about 50 cards.

If anyone wants to make cards for them, here are their mailing deadlines for the rest of the year - Thanksgiving October 5 (so you've got one week left!)
- Hannukah Nov 1
- Christmas Nov 1

Any Christmas/Hannukah/Seasonal cards mailed in before October 15th will go into a special challenge and somebody will win some lovely stamps to play with... so start creating!

Of course you can send in birthday, greetings, 'thinking of you' etc any time. They ALWAYS need cards that say things like 'I love you' and 'I miss you', especially in seasonal colours... I just bought a rubber stamp on Ebay that says 'Thinking of you and missing you too' so I'm all set.

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